Friday, October 17, 2008

Slogan Contest-

So, Roddy Frankel had a good idea for a slogan- he said we should use “Over Our Dead Bodies” as our slogan. And I’m thinking, “Hey we’re a bunch of dead people we have all the time in the world- we can have as many slogans as we want-

I kind of like this one: “We’re Dead, But We’re Not Brain-Dead Enough to Vote for Obama!”

So before those welfare crooks and government grant thieves over at ACORN put our cold, dead hands on the lever in Ohio and all the other corrupt, Democrat-run states, lets have a Slogan Festival- Who can think of the best one? How about, “This election is not over yet- I can feel it in my bones!” or (this one really kills me!) "We May Be Voting for Him, But YOU are Going to Have to Live With Him"?


Nancy Coppock said...

After hearing of the nursing home absentee ballot marking altercation, I'm wondering if you are witness to such behavior yourselves. After all, The Munificent Leader will be coming not only after the coins put upon your eyes to pay The Boatman, but your assets such as gold dental work, wedding rings, tie tacks, lapel pins, watches and maybe even the handles on your current dwelling box or entire urn. The Most Beneficent One would be happy to supply you with a brightly painted Ralph's coffee can to hold what remains of your remains.

The Most High Leader requires the tax that keeps on taxing. For instance, for those interred, have you been keeping up with your property taxes? What is the current value for your plot compared to what you could sell or rent it for today? That could become a great asset for He Who Is Most Merciful.

Also, a luxury tax could apply to those having statuary, bronze plaques denoting military service, or attractive benches for the bereaved to prostrate themselves upon in consideration of the coming necrophiliac tax code of He That Strains a Gnat While Consuming The Camel.

I think a visit with your tax accountant should be listed on your "To Do List". It certainly couldn't hurt considering the inevitable consequences.

Tell my father, I love him and miss him terribly. Please relay any messages to my email address.

Nancy Coppock said...

Oh, I forgot to ask you and your like minded friends to vote and vote often. I mean no disrespect, but as they saying goes - They can kill you, but they can't eat you. That would be against the law!

So, fight to mark you own damn ballot.

Daddy,just any message will do.

CarnackiUK said...

Following on from channeled news that Jerry Garcia - late of the Grateful Dead - has endorsed the Live One, what do we call Life Impaired People who intend voting for Obama?

How about Zombamies?

En masse: the Zombamie Army.

Comrade_Tovarich said...

ACORN is offering exemplary community organization by ending the disenfranchisement of the Dead-American community. Once they have elected The One and oceans have begun to recede, they will become Undead-Americans.

Anonymous said...

In some cultures it's said that, when the Messiah comes, the dead will walk the Earth.

I just never knew they'd be casting ballots.